DeDe in the Morning

Wake up with the funniest morning show on radio! Test your luck at $1000 cash money with the $1000 Minute Game, or make someone you know mad with the Mad Minute prank call!
DeDe’s giving away free cash twice a morning with the $1000 Minute Game. Just answer all 10 of her trivia questions and you’ll win a grand! And if you don’t get them all right, she’ll break you off with $10 for every answer that you get right. So everyone wins free money!
DeDe gives you the latest news, sports, and entertainment every hour. From Cardi B. to Lebron James, DeDe spills the tea on everything.
DeDe likes to fix First Date Disasters. Two people go out on a date and then one of them stops all communication. DeDe and her team call them both and try to find out what went wrong live on the radio.
DeDe’s says Lady Jade is a weirdo because she loves kids, Christ, and Crime. Each week she’ll introduce you to her new criminal friend that she meets down at the courthouse.
Dede enjoys spending time with her husband Chris Allen and their latest family addition, Little Dak Prescott Allen. Listen to V103 “DeDe in the Morning” live weekdays from 5-10AM or you can stream it on the V103 app.
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